About me

I'm Kaylynn (she/her) - lots of people call me Kay, or just "k", but Kaylie works too. I'm really not too fussed - whatever floats your boat!

I'm a software engineer from Australia, and like many other "good at computer" people I just want to run away from the creeping silicon panopticon of modern society to live on my own in the woods with eight cats. Teaching sand to think was a mistake.

Other than that, I spend my spare time talking to friends, playing games that I'm bad at, and listening to music. I also use my spare time to take an ungodly amount of photos of my cat because she is cute and I love her. I do some writing occasionally too, and most of that ends up here on my blog.

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Languages, technologies and other indecencies

This isn't an exhaustive list - I have experience with lots of other tools and languages - but I'm the most familiar with these.